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Planning a One Day Mission Event

One Day mission events are a great way to ‘prime the pump’ of outreach and evangelism in your church.  These events are opportunities to organize simple acts of service throughout your community that will engage your church body and impact the community.  A One Day event isn’t just one event, but multiple events that occur at the same time.  So you could have a group of people prayer walking, a group of people doing a block party geared towards kids at a local park, a group of people doing yard work and minor maintenance in the community and more.  This allows a variety of different people in the church to get involved and engages your community at multiple ‘entry points’.

There are a few things to keep in mind as you move towards creating a one day event at your church.

1.  Play to your churches strengths.  If you have a strong children’s ministry, gear a part of the event towards children.  If many in your church are good with home projects, create an opportunity for them to use their gifts.  Identify some of the areas where your church is strong and capitalize on those strengths.

2.  Look at community needs.  Talk to community leaders and find out their perspective on the biggest needs in the community.  This is time well spent.  You can make a huge difference in your communities if you start with the biggest needs around you.  Once you know the biggest needs, match the strengths of your church to the needs and begin to move forward.

3. Team up with community events.  You don’t have to create every opportunity.  One great way to make a difference without having to initiate a program is to team up with what is already taking place in the community.  What are some activities, events, community happenings that already draw people together?  Is there a way your church can be a sponsor of the event? Is there a way you can provide volunteers to help with whatever needs there may be?  Then if it’s possible, your church can wear shirts that shows they are serving from your church.  They may be working booths, setting up an event, cleaning up after an event and much more.  But the fact that your church is willing to serve will have an impact.

4.  Keep it simple.  Don’t over think this or over complicate it.  You may find that starting small is the best way to go.  For example, you could plan a Saturday event that lasts 4hours and has 3 or 4 different opportunities to serve.  This can be a good start to developing this kind of ministry and can have a huge impact not only in your community but in your church.  You may find that doing two or three small events like this, along with your other missions effort,s are what works best for your church.

For ideas on a variety of different activities, check out this Servant Evangelism site.  Let’s be intentional about reaching the world around us with the love of God.  Be intentional about not just having activities, but also sharing the gospel at every opportunity.  As we’re faithful to go, I believe God will be faithful to bring a harvest for His glory.


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