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Sharing your faith can start Here.

I had the privilege to go to Ghana just over a year ago. There we saw God move in a mighty way in a very short time.  While I was there, I found it easier in that culture to approach people and talk with them about my faith.  I also found it easier to tell them about the fact that Jesus loves them and wants to have a personal relationship with them.  In just 8 days and a team of 9 people, we witnessed over 900 people accept Christ as their Savior.  This gave me a hunger to see more people where I live come to know Christ as well.  I knew the culture was different at home and I would need to be able to adapt my approach to minister to a more fast paced people.

As I thought about ways to approach people, I developed a survey that would help give me a reason to approach people and ask them 5 or 6 questions that would lead us along a path.  Once I developed the survey, I started using it immediately and it is very effective at starting a conversation with people.  (After I had used it for a while, I read the book “Share Jesus Without Fear” by William Fay and found his survey to be very similar.)  Each question is designed to help me gain an understanding of where a person is spiritually.  The survey is below (I have also included a link for a print version here: Spiritual Survey).

6 Easy Questions

Open up by asking, “Have you taken our survey yet?” or “Would you be willing to take a quick survey for my church?”  This questionnaire is designed to identify the level of SPIRITUAL INTEREST in people’s lives.

  1. On a scale of 1 to 5, how important is your spiritual life?  (1 – Not at all … 5 – Very Important)
  2. Do you attend church? (Y/N)  If yes, How often?
  3. Do you believe the Bible is relevant to your life? (Y/N)
  4.  Who do you think Jesus is?
  5.  Do you believe in life after death? (Y/N) If Yes, Where will you spend eternity? If Heaven, What makes you think that?
  6.  Could I share with you how you can know you have eternal life?

In addition to the survey, I always carry with me invite cards to my church, a small notebook with the survey inside and a pen, and gospel tracts.  I have found that public places such as parks and walking trails are great places to do this survey.  Not only do I get to present the gospel to people, I also get to encourage Christians that I meet in their walk with God and have the opportunity to invite many to our church.

If you have a heart to share the gospel, but not sure where to start or how to approach people, my prayer is that this tool is helpful.  Let’s be bold enough to care for those around us and tell them about who He is and what He can do to change our lives.


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