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Tell the Truth

We live in a generation where knowledge is power.  It seems that if you know the most, you have power over those who know less.  We esteem information over just about everything else.  This is why we are often consumed with learning how to do things better.  We spend hours and days in training and seminars learning how to do many things.  Now let me say here that I believe education is valuable to a point and training is important if it helps you become who it is God has made you to be.  But there is a point when the training must stop and we should put it all into practice.

I know I personally have sat for many hours learning “How to share my faith”.  When I think about that, it almost seems wrong.  I have listened to others pour into me about how to share something that, if I have it, should be easy to tell.  It is, after all, MY FAITH.  What is it I believe? Who is it I believe in? Where do I place my faith?  The story of Jesus is a simple and powerful story.  We don’t have to read into it or add anything to it.  We just have to tell it.  We shouldn’t be afraid of it, but embrace it.  Our faith will see us through.  If we do believe in Him, we should be excited to tell the truth any time we have opportunity.  We will have a desire to share it with anyone we come in contact with as God provides the opportunity.

We are to be witnesses.  Acts 1:8 tells us that we are to be witnesses to those around us.  A witness is someone who tells what they have seen, heard or experienced.  That’s it.  We are just supposed to tell the truth and let God work out the details.  We should tell about what we have seen Jesus do, what we have heard about Him and what we have experienced personally.  It’s not a memorized presentation, but telling about something we have personally experienced.  A presentation that comes from the heart is more powerful than one that comes from a script.  You can reference scriptures as God brings them to mind, but know that in telling the truth, it doesn’t have to be a perfect presentation.  It just has to come from a witness who is available to be used.  If that is the case, what is it that keeps us from telling the story of truth?

Our faith may be misplaced.  This is easy to do in our lives.  It is much easier to believe in things we can see than in things we cannot see.  We often become tripped up by our own good intentions.

  • Our faith may be in others.  We don’t want to offend someone.  We don’t want them to become uncomfortable.
  • Our faith may be in ourselves.  We are afraid of what they will think of us if we tell them the truth.
  • Our faith may be in this world.  We are afraid that we will lose status, possessions, power or comfort if we tell the truth.
When our faith is in God we see people as He sees them.  We see that they are lost and in need of a Savior.  We aren’t as concerned about ourselves, because we care too much about them not to tell them.  The things of this world become less important as we gain a perspective on things that are out of this world.  When our faith is in Christ, we are motivated to tell the truth whenever we can.  But how can we do this in a way that people will relate to?

His story becomes our story.  We shouldn’t just tell the story as a statement of history, but as a statement of how it has impacted our lives as well.  If the people we talk to hear us telling our personal experience, they will relate to it.  We can’t sugar coat it or make ourselves look better or worse than we were.  We must simply tell the story of what happened in our lives when we believed in Jesus.  What changed?  Describe the peace.  Describe the feeling of freedom.  Describe how it has changed every day since.  Tell about how Jesus is actively working in and through your life today.  Simply put, we should tell the truth.  Below are a few keys as you prepare to use your personal experience as a witnessing tool.

  • Think it through.  Remember the details of your salvation experience as clearly as you can.  When was it? Why did you want to be saved? What did you do?
  • Write it down.  We are more likely to remember things when we write them down.  Be sure to write out the details.  It will also help you make it clear in your mind.  The truth is, we will not tell the truth until we feel comfortable with talking about the details of what God has done in our lives. (What you have written down is just to solidify some thoughts in your mind so you will be ready.  It is not a script for you to memorize.)
  • Organize it well.  What was your life like before Christ? How did you receive Christ? Are there any verses that were used that you could share with your friends?  what is your life like now that Jesus is Lord of your life?
  • Practice it often.  Once you know your story.  Tell it.  You may start with just telling it to a friend who is already a believer.  Here is an important tip: Don’t ask, TELL.  We don’t ask people permission to tell them a story of our latest mountain climbing experience or the game we watched last week.  We just tell them because we’re excited about it.  The same should be true about the experience with Christ as well.  We need to have that same kind of excitement about telling the truth about our experience with Jesus.
  • Know how to invite them into a relationship.  Once you tell your story, you can ask if they have ever experienced a personal relationship with Christ.  If they have, ask to hear their story of faith. If they have not, ask them if they would like to today.  Here you can use a simple gospel presentation (Romans 6:23 is a great verse to use to describe what God has done for us) to confirm some thoughts with them and invite them to pray and ask Jesus to be their Savior.

Let’s not over complicate this.  Let’s be willing to be witnesses.  Let’s be willing to be bold.  Let’s just tell the truth!


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